Enigma Dawn “Reloaded” Midnight Mas

April 17, 2017 @ 12:00 am
Enigma Dawn "Reloaded" Midnight Mas
Arawak Cay
1 (242) 431-2222 or 556-5641
Enigma Dawn "Reloaded" Midnight Mas @ Enigma Dawn "Reloaded" Midnight Mas

We brought you the first ever Enigma Dawn Beach Party on Easter Monday and because it was just “AMAZING” we decided to give you guys another taste of the best beach party ever!!!!!

We will have more paint, more powder, more water, more rum and way more food!

You asked, we delivering Midnight Mas! Dawn Reloaded is about to hit you hard. We carrying on bad all night. If you come clean before warned that you will not leave so lol. We turning arawak cay BLUE! We smurfin up the place until the sun come up. THIS WILL BE BIGGER, BETTER & SMURFIN GOOD!!!!! Grab ya friends cus only we partyin all night.

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